5 Fun Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

God save the Queen! Last week, we shared some fascinating fun facts about Queen Elizabeth I. Following that, we’ve decided to discuss another famous British monarch who bears the same moniker – Queen Elizabeth II. Don’t know much about her? Look no further! Here are 5 awesome fun facts about the current British Queen:

  1. She’s the longest reigning monarch ever – clocking in a total of 65 years on the throne as the Queen of England
  2. Elizabeth II served in WW2 as a truck driver and mechanic
  3. Her and her husband, Prince Philip (who is her 3rd cousin, btw), adopted the surname of Windsor-Mountbatten as a compromise – Elizabeth II wanted to keep the family name of Windsor, and Philip wanted his children to have his last name of Mountbatten
  4. She has 2 birthdays – her actual one on April 21, and another one in May or June so that she can properly celebrate it during warmer months
  5. Since U.K. driver’s licenses and passports are issued in her name, she technically doesn’t need one to either drive or travel to different countries

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