5 Fun Facts About Queen Elizabeth I

She’s one of the most iconic and well-known English monarchs, and related to one of the more infamous monarchs that changed both English and world history. Who is she? Well, Queen Elizabeth I, of course! Don’t know much about her Well, look no further! While these fun facts aren’t ground-breaking by any means, they’re still a good starting place for your journey in learning more about Elizabeth I and the other monarchs of the British Royal Family.

  1. She ruled for 44 years as the Queen of England and Ireland (from 1558 to 1603), and her reign was known as the Elizabeth Era
  2. Elizabeth I could speak several languages (rumored to be English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, and Latin, among others)
  3. She was declared illegitimate after her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed by her father, King Henry VIII
  4. Her half-brother, Edward VI, ignored the claims of her and her other half-sister Mary (popularly known as “Bloody Mary”) and passed the crown to Lady Jane Grey after his death
  5. She was a political prisoner before she was queen after Queen Mary I imprisoned her in the Tower of London for being rumored to incite the Wyatt Rebellion
  6. Extra bonus fun fact (that you may already know): Elizabeth I never married or had children

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