5 Fun Facts About Caligula

The Roman Empire is full of intrigue, scandals, and crazy rulers. While some Emperors were crazier than others (lookin’ at you, Nero), there’s still a number of others worth learning about – one of them being Caligula, who ruled for just under 5 years. Don’t know much about this particular Roman Emperor? Look no further!

  1. He formed the plans to invade Britain; however, he was never able to start those plans himself before his reign as Emperor ended
  2. His father, Germanicus, was a well-respected and beloved general of the Roman legions
  3. Gaius was actually his real name – Caligula, meaning “Little Boots” or “Booties,” was given to him as a nickname when he was a child by the Roman legions during his time with them while his father was commanding them
  4. He ruled for 4 years before being assassinated by officers within the Praetorian Guard
  5. Caligula’s rule was plagued by problems after the first 6 months of his rule – he had several issues with the Senate and had a reputation of being an unstable tyrant after rumors of his cruelty, sadism, extravagance, and sexual perversion came to light

Interested in learning more about Caligula? Check out season 3 the Roman Empire on Netflix! It focuses on all of the intrigue, scandals, and power struggles of Caligula’s reign.



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