10 Fun Facts About George Washington

The Father of America. The very first President of the United States. Who is he? None other than George Washington, one of America’s most beloved leaders. He helped lead the country through the American Revolution and its transition from a group of British colonies to 13 American states united under a democratic government. Are you looking to learn more about the famous George Washington? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 fun facts about America’s 1st President:

  1. He only had 1 of his original teeth left when he became President (the rest fell out due to poor diet, genetics, and dental disease)
  2.  His teeth were replaced by a set of false teeth that were made up of ivory, human teeth, and animal teeth set in lead or silver (he had several different dentures throughout his life)
  3. He never had any children of his own – his wife, Martha, had 2 children from a previous marriage
  4. He’s listed in the top 3 richest U.S. Presidents (J.F.K. and Donald Trump are the other 2)
  5. France granted him the award of Honorary Citizen of France for his support of the French Revolution
  6. John Adams named him Commander-In-Chief in 1798 during the threat of a French invasion, despite the fact that John Adams – not Washington – was President at the time
  7. He’s the highest-ranking U.S. military officer ever – General of the Armies of the United States – and a law was passed that prevents anyone from ever out-ranking him
  8. Despite myths surrounding the man, Washington never actually chopped down a cherry tree
  9. He loved dogs and is known as the Father of the American Foxhound
  10. He was the 1st and only sitting President to lead troops into battle and actually fight

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