5 Best Apps To Have While Traveling

Planning a trip soon and looking for good apps to have on your phone while you travel? Well, you’ve come to a good place! I’ve struggled to figure out which good apps to have on my phone during my travels, and I’d like to share some good tips for which ones you’d need during your travels. Interested in learning which apps to have while traveling? Here are 5 apps that are worth the download before you depart for your next trip:


Citymapper is a great app if you’re traveling to a city – it has transit maps with real-time departure information, disruption alerts and biking & walking directions. It also has Uber integration, which can be helpful if you need a quick, easy, & cheap ride to your next destination. Plus, it has driving directions for if you decide to rent a car and drive. This is a great app to have while traveling because it can help you find your way around your destination and not get lost.

Uber or MyTaxi (or other ride-sharing app)

Speaking of Uber, having a ride-sharing app on your phone helps for the times when you need a quick, easy, & cheap ride to your next destination. Depending on where you visit, certain ride-sharing apps (such as Uber) are technically illegal and can get you fined if you’re caught using it. However, as long as you do your research on your destination-specific laws concerning these transportation apps, you’ll be fine.

Google Translate

While this might not be necessary if you’re traveling to a place that speaks a language that you’re fluent in, this is a good app to have on your phone just in case. This helps bridge the language divide between tourists/travelers and natives since it allows two (or more) people to communicate despite not fully knowing what to say or how to say it without offending the other person. Although it isn’t completely perfect in terms of grammar, Google Translate does a better job at translating conversations than old-fashioned dictionaries that people used to carry before cell phones and the internet.


This is an app that’s great to have on your phone while traveling. Whether you’re staying at hotels, hostels, other bed and breakfasts, or even at an AirBnB place, having this app on your phone is great in case of emergencies. AirBnBs tend to be cheaper than certain hotels and hostels, are safe to stay in, and are located in relatively safe areas. And certain hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfast places require you to have your passports during your stay (which usually isn’t a problem), but in the event that you lose or forget your passport somewhere and can’t get into where you’re staying, AirBnB is a great last-minute resort for you to crash at until you can figure things out.


For my fellow Americans, this app might seem confusing and slightly useless for everyday life in American society; however, as non-Americans know, this is a good app to have while you travel. It allows you to text and call international numbers with no international calling/texting fees – a perk that is extremely helpful if you’re trying to call taxis, hotels, etc. And it can be used on wifi, allowing you to keep your data use low while you travel (trust me, this is a huge relief since international data bills can be pricey when you travel). Even if you only use it 1-3 times during your trip, it will be worth the (free!) download, and you can delete it as soon as you get back home.

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