10 Fun Facts About Albert Einstein

E=mc^2. It’s one of the most easily recognizable and famous equations in both mathematics and physics, and helped to prove the theory of relativity. And the physicist who figured out the equation became one of the most famous scientists in history. Who is that scientist? Well, Albert Einstein, of course! While he might not be on the same level of popularity as the Kardashians in terms of how many people know the minute details of his life, many people are still interested in learning more about him. So, if you’re looking to learn more about the famous scientist, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 fun facts about Einstein:

  1. The FBI spied on Einstein for a number of years
  2. He received a Nobel Peace Prize in Physics
  3. A solar eclipse proved Einstein’s general theory of relativity & helped to make him famous
  4. He struggled for several years after graduating to find a stable job
  5. Einstein was deeply religious
  6. Although he did well in school, he disliked school & hated the strict rules that he had to follow (like almost any normal kid)
  7. He had one sister and 3 children (1 of which has an unknown fate; she most likely died at a young age, disappeared, or was given up for adoption)
  8. Einstein gave one of his ex-wives the money that he won from his Nobel Peace Prize as part of their divorce settlement
  9. He became an easy target for Nazis and left Germany for good in 1932, resettling in Princeton, New Jersey
  10. Einstein’s brain was stolen after his death & studied to see how/why he was so smart (several parts of it were shipped to different museums around the world)

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