How To Deal With Long Flights

Flying can be a pain to deal with, no matter how long your flight is; however, long flights can really put a damper on traveling. On top of the typical annoyances of flying, having to sit on a plane for longer than 3-4 hours is an experience that you do have to somewhat prepare for ahead of time. If you’re not sure how to prepare for a long flight, you’ve come to the right place – here are 9 tips to help you out with your future travels:

  1. Wear comfortable (& warm) clothing – planes can be cold, and who really wants to wear jeans while sitting down for long periods of time without being able to get up & move around? (Compression socks can help for those who need them)
  2. Stay hydrated & healthy – flying dehydrates people, so drinking a good amount of water helps with long flights; don’t drink alcohol since it dehydrates you and make sure you eat a filling, healthy meal before taking off
  3. Pack some extra snacks – in-flight meals and snacks aren’t always filling, and they can add up in price if you end up having to pay for anything more than the complimentary bag of pretzels & semi-filling meals
  4. Don’t pack too much in your carry-on – pack what you need (i.e., prescription meds, cameras/laptops, wallets, passports, etc), but don’t overpack your carry-on because it’ll only bog you down, esp. if the bag weighs too much and/or takes up too much space
  5. Bring entertainment – bring a book, download a podcast or two, and have several movies ready to watch on your phone; it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of things to do during the flight so you don’t get bored of watching the same show or movie over & over again for 7 hours
  6. Bring eye masks, ear phones, & melatonin – these can help you sleep on your flight, and can sometimes be necessary for overnight flights
  7. Pick a good seat – if you’re tall and like to get up & walk around (like me), or if you have medical needs & need to sit in a certain area of the plane, make sure you pick the right seat before purchasing your tickets so that you can have the right accommodations during the flight
  8. Charge Up – make sure all of your devices are charged up before your flight departs
  9. Check into your flight the day before – trust me, the last thing you want is to be rushing around in the airport right when you arrive trying to figure out how to check into your flight at the last minute because you forgot to do it earlier

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