Is Traveling Worth It?

Recently, someone I know talked to me about how they have anxieties over missing work just to spend time traveling because they’d miss a much-needed paycheck from work. With a minimum wage job or two – or even three for some people – barely even covering the bills despite hardly ever missing a day, the financial burden of taking time off to travel can be quite a heavy one. And although many people can try to follow the advice of just saving up money, it’s often much easier said than done since emergencies happen and eat up a lot of people’s hard earned savings.

Despite the stress, traveling – with the proper planning & budget – is definitely with the time & money. While it might be harder for some people than other to save up the money necessary for traveling (due to differing socioeconomic & wealth statuses), going on a vacation is well worth it, no matter who you are. So, if you’re able to take the time off of work to go on a vacation but are too stressed over missing much needed money, here are some tips that might help:

Create a budget & stick to it

There are some awesome free apps that might help – Daily Budget is one that I personally use & it’s great; Mint is also another popular one that can help. This can help make sure that you don’t overspend & can properly manage your money while also saving up for whatever trip you’re planning

Find extra ways to make money

This can involve doing online surveys that pay you for each one that you take, selling any old stuff that might be piling up in your place, selling artwork/etc., shopping via sites like Ebates, and find other creative ways to earn money during your spare time at home. The Penny Hoarder has a great article that you can look over and get ideas from. Just don’t sign up for a direct sales/MLM company – more often than not, people will fall into extreme debt after signing up with those companies, and you won’t make any money off of it, let alone making back whatever you invest in the company.

Plan for the future

Plan ahead and think of what you want out of life, be it a family & kids or a life of work and being single. This can help when it comes to planning when you want to take a trip – if you’re planning a 40k wedding on top of renovating your house, planning an expensive trip to an exotic place around the same time (that isn’t part of your honey moon) might not be the best idea when it comes to trying to fit it into your schedule. Even if you aren’t stuck in such an extreme situation, planning ahead can help when it comes to planning a trip. It can be as simple as looking ahead and making sure that you won’t be going into debt because of a trip, or even something like making sure that you aren’t spending your 401k on a trip & not properly saving up for retirement.

Think About What You Want To Experience

Spend some time thinking about what you want out of your experience when it comes to traveling. Don’t go to England if you’d rather go to Morocco because England is the more popular tourist destination. And if you’d rather save up money or have materialistic things over experiences, then take that into consideration. Don’t feel pressured to travel and always go on trips to different places because you have FOMO and would like to look a certain way on social media. Make sure you think about what you’d like to accomplish during your trip(s) because the monetary investment of traveling is quite large (as most people might know), so you have to make sure that it’d be worth it.

The greatest takeaway of this is that you have to plan ahead & make sure that it’s what you’d really want; otherwise, the trip might end up being a complete waste of time & money. While it might sound harsh, it’s something that’s necessary. And, just remember, traveling is worth every bit of stress and planning.

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