10 Fun Facts About Egypt

When people talk about ancient history and societies, Egypt tends to be included in the discussions at some point due to its highly influential and well-known ancient society. While we won’t be focusing on Ancient Egyptian history and society today (no worries – we’ll be talking about it in a future post!), the country is still highly influential in today’s global society and is still worth learning about. Interested in learning more about the country? Look no further! Here are 10 fun facts about the country:

  1. Ancient Egyptians invented the first prototypes of paper, pens, locks, keys, and toothpaste, among other things
  2. Roughly 90% of modern Egyptians are Muslim & 10% follow different sects of Christianity, with Coptic being being the most popular (according to both National Geographic and CNN)
  3. Arabic is the official language of Egypt
  4. Soccer is the most popular sport in Egypt, with swimming, tennis, and squash as some of the other more popular sports in the country
  5. The country’s famous Nile River doubles as the world’s longest river
  6. Many people consider the country to be a cradle of civilization since developments of writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion and central government appeared ate the same time as the Agricultural Revolution in Mesopotamia
  7. Egyptians were the first ones to create a 365-day calendar split up into 3 seasons, which consisted of 4 months (which had 30 days for each month)
  8. The modern country of Egypt declared independence on June 18, 1953
  9. Inspired by the changes in Tunisia, Egypt participated as the 2nd country in what’s called the Arab Spring and overthrew its ruler Hosni Mubarak
  10. The famous Pyramids of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria are 2 of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

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