25 Winter Travel Essentials

Trying to pack for a vacation during winter months can always be a pain to deal with. Depending on where you’re going, your packing list can vary a little bit with each destination. However, just like any travel list, there are still some basic similarities between most – if not all – of the things that you’d need to bring with you on your trip(s). Traveling to different places around the globe can be difficult with the changes in weather, so a good rule of thumb before you leave is to check out what the weather will be like in your destination. But, if you know that you’re planning a trip during winter months in a colder region of the world and need help trying to figure out what to pack or even include on your travel list, here are some travel list tips!

  1. Sweater
  2. Sweatshirt
  3. Warm pajamas
  4. Warm socks
  5. Snow boots
  6. Warm shoes (at least 2 pairs)
  7. Slippers
  8. Heavy winter coat
  9. Lighter winter coat
  10. Scarves
  11. Gloves
  12. Beanie/warm winter hat(s)
  13. Raincoat
  14. Rain boots
  15. Medicine (prescription meds, vitamins, regular medicine for those pesky winter clothes)
  16. Umbrella
  17. Warm pants (sweatpants, jeans, etc.)
  18. Moisturizer(s) (lip balm, hand lotion, face lotion)
  19. Hand warmers (to put into your gloves or shoes for those days when it gets extra cold)
  20. Undershirts/T Shirts/Leggings (for layering when it gets extra cold)
  21. Thermal leggings/shirts
  22. Bathing suit/beach towel (if you’re going somewhere warmer than your hometown)
  23. Sandals (again, if you’re going somewhere warmer than your hometown)
  24. Summer clothes (again, if you’re going somewhere warmer than your hometown)
  25. Check out LHT’s main Travel Essentials Guide!

Traveling can be stressful, but don’t forget to relax and have fun! Don’t forget to check out LHT’s Lifestyle and Travel pages as well before you leave for your trip(s). We update every Tuesday and Friday as well, so don’t forget to check back for more updates!



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