10 Fun Facts About The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire is one of history’s greatest empires to have ever existed. Stretching over 600 years, it impacted not only the regions that it controlled, but the rest of the world and history itself. Although not as discussed as the Roman Empire – at least in Western countries – it’s well worth learning about when you have the chance. Here are 10 fun facts about the Ottoman Empire that can help you start on your journey of learning more about this history-altering empire.

  1. It began in 1299 A.D. and ended in 1922 A.D.
  2. Sultans of the Ottoman Empire would either kill or imprison their brothers & nephews after their 1st son was born to ensure the rightful heir would take the throne
  3. 36 Sultans ruled from 1299 to 1922
  4. The monarchy was abolished in 1922 after the end of WW1 and several regions gained their independence & became countries
  5. Turkish leaders of the Empire lead the Armenian Genocide in 1915, killing 1.5 million Armenians living in under Ottoman rule
  6. Its power over the rest of Europe began declining in the 1600s
  7. Several different countries made up the Ottoman Empire (including Turkey, Hungary, Greece, parts of the Balkan region, Middle East, Africa, & the Arabian Peninsula)
  8. The official religion was Islam, and most other religions were treated as inferior
  9. There were several capitals throughout its history, including Istanbul & Constantinople
  10. The Empire was named after its first Sultan, named Osman (variations of his named were Ottman or Othman)

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