How To Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions. Every year to celebrate the holiday, people follow the tradition where they attempt to begin new habits or achieve new goals – only to quit after several days of trying because of various reasons. This tradition of beginning a new habit or goal for the new year is celebrated all around the world, and isn’t a relatively new concept. If you’re one of those people who struggle with sticking to your New Year’s Resolution(s), here are some tips to help you out:

Time Management

Time management is key with achieving new goals. In order to complete a goal that you’ve set for yourself, you need to set aside enough time to work towards it. It can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to even six hours a day (or even a week; but try to do your best to work towards your goal everyday) so that you can reach the goal you set within a relatively quick amount of time. And don’t be afraid to set a deadline for when you want to achieve your NYE Resolutions – that way you can better plan your time and make sure that you don’t end up procrastinating on it!

Stop Procrastinating

Unfortunately, this includes binge watching your favorite T.V. show on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Procrastinating and pushing off working towards your goal goes hand in hand with time management. It can lead to you never achieving your dream, making you regret never reaching your goal and can eve potentially lead you to not working towards your own personal goals (esp. if this becomes a repetitive occurrence in your life where you’re not reaching any personal goals or deadlines outside of work or school). Again, there’s no shame in having a deadline for your goal – if you need to set up a timeline of when you’d like to achieve your New Year’s Resolution to avoid procrastinating, feel free to do just that!

Break It Into Smaller Goals

It’s helpful to break up your NYE Resolutions into smaller, bite-size goals that are easier to work towards. (ex: Want to become an astronaut? Start by picking up an intro to science book!) Same goes for other goals that you have – breaking goals down into achievable and easy sizes help you to reach the end quicker than you’d imagine. Setting a goal and achieving it is easy once you know the overall bigger picture of what you want to achieve, and even easier done if it’s broken up because then it doesn’t feel as overwhelming if you spend a short period of time on a smaller part of the goal than trying to finish it in one sitting.

Check In

This goes hand in hand with breaking up your main, overarching resolution into smaller goals because checking in and actually seeing all of the work that you’ve done already along with what’s left to do can help to motivate you to see it through and finally reach the finish line. This can also help if you’re on a time budget (i.e., if you promised your 80-something old grandmother that you’d play the piano with her next Christmas), then it helps you to see exactly how much time you have left to fully achieve the goal you’d like to achieve.

Utilize Your Free Time

Have a weekend free with little responsibilities outside of doing laundry? Make the most of your free time by not watching T.V. or movies all day and devote a couple of hours towards achieving your goal. Those couple of hours might come in handy if you end up having to work overtime at your job or get stuck with more homework than expected for school (or both if you work & go to school at the same time). The extra time spent working towards your goal can help pass the time in a productive way, even if it’s simply watching videos or reading up on something like different knitting patterns (if you’d like to learn how to knit).

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