10 Fun Facts About John F. Kennedy

Ever since John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President of the United States, he and his family have remained as one of America’s favorite first families to this day. Throughout the years, the Kennedy family has remained as a highly influential family in politics and society, despite being dogged by tragedy every once in a while. And while everyone knows that JFK was assassinated after being shot in the head, not everyone knows the details of his life and his presidency. Regardless of if you know about JFK and the Kennedy family, here are 10 fun facts about JFK that are worth learning about:

  1. Kennedy received the Last Rites (a Catholic sacrament for when a person is about to pass away) a total of 4 separate times
  2. He became a war hero after helping his naval crew survive being stranded for 7 days
  3. Kennedy graduated from Harvard in 1940
  4. He’s the only President to ever have received the Purple Heart
  5. He won a Pulitzer Prize
  6. Kennedy began the tradition of having a poet at the Presidential Inauguration
  7. He was the last president to wear a top hat to his Inauguration
  8. Four assassination attempts were made on JFK (including the fatal one that took his life)
  9. He was the youngest man and first Roman Catholic to become President
  10. Kennedy dealt with both the Cuban Missile Crisis & the building of the Berlin Wall

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  1. I didn’t realize there were four assination attempts on Kennedy. I did not know about some of these facts about Kennedy. These are some great facts for a game of trivia.

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