10 Fun Facts About India

As one of the world’s more populous countries, India is home to both the world’s oldest, longest lasting civilization. It’s also home to Bollywood, India’s famous Hindi equivalent to America’s Hollywood. Whether you’ve read up on the country’s history or not, there’s still a plethora of fun facts to learn about the country. Considering Bollywood’s growing influence on pop culture and the country’s rising population, it wouldn’t be surprising if India’s worldly influence continued to grow in future years. If you’re just beginning to learn about the country or beginning on your journey of learning more about the country, here are 10 fun facts about the India:

  1. 1.3 billion people (as of 2017) live in India, with the number expecting to rise in future years
  2. 22 different languages are spoken in India
  3. The country is home to 2 of the top 10 megacities around the world
  4. Indian society is divided into social castes, which are difficult to change and are determined by birth
  5. Although the country has no official religion, most of the population follows Hinduism (although every major religion is practiced in the country)
  6. The earliest known civilizations in India began roughly 5,000 years ago and have existed until now
  7. Britain gained control over most of the country in the 1750s, and rebellions against British rule began a century later
  8. The famous Mahatma Gandhi began nonviolent protests against British rule in the 1920s
  9. The country gained independence on August 15, 1947 through the Indian Independence Act of 1947
  10. India is the world’s largest democracy with million of voters turning out to the polls for each election

If you’re interested in learning more about India’s history, check out India: A History (Revised & Updated). Don’t forget to check out the rest of LHT’s Cities & Countries page! Make sure to check back in every Tuesday and Friday for more posts!

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