5 Interesting Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories abound nowadays, and the more public and controversial a topic is, the more conspiracy theories crop up about the topic. Depending on how controversial and popular a topic is, certain conspiracy theories garner quite a bit of public attention; some moreso than others. Not sure what conspiracy theories are popular nowadays? Look no further! Here’s a list of 5 conspiracy theories popular today:

Although science has proven that the earth is round and rotates around the sun, there’s still a theory floating around that the earth is flat and that it’s a disc that spins around (much like a CD in a CD player). The sun is positioned above the disc, which explains how day and night work. Believers in this theory state that science is wrong about the shape of the Earth, and a majority of people believe the wrong impression about the Earth’s shape. There’s even a Flat Earth Society devoted to spreading this particular theory.

This theory dates back to the end of the 1960s when Neil Armstrong and his team landed on the moon and made history. It states that NASA faked this moon landing – as well as subsequent moon landings – and hired actors to play the roles of astronauts on a stage that meant to look like the surface of the Earth’s moon. Those who believe this theory say that NASA tampered with, destroyed, or faked evidence, and even went as far as to kill several key witnesses so as to make sure that the United States won the Space Race (even 3rd party evidence showing otherwise).

Even the legendary Beatles are familiar to their fair share of conspiracy theories. This particular theory states that Paul McCartney, a guitarist and singer for the band, died in the mid-1960s and a doppelgänger secretly replaced him without public knowledge. Beginning in 1969, theorists started sharing their claims that certain song lyrics, artwork, and other aspects of the Beatles’ artwork indicate the real Paul’s death and his replacement taking over. This particular theory declined in popularity after an interview Paul did with Life magazine in 1969. Regardless, this remains a popular theory because of the Beatles’ popularity

Also known as the Simulation Hypothesis, this theory states that the entire universe – including Earth and all of life – is actually an artificial simulation most likely created as a computer simulation. Different versions of this theory depend on the development of a simulated reality (a program that would make the simulation seem realistic enough to convince inhabitants to think that it was indeed real). This theory is similar to the plot of the Matrix trilogy, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as “the Matrix is real” theory.

Considering Princess Diana level of popularity, her sudden death in 1997 brought about a worldwide mourning period and a rise in conspiracy theories, many about whether it was truly an accident or if it was planned by the British royal family. After her marriage to Prince Charles ended in a rather public and unfriendly divorce, Princess Diana wasn’t exactly loved by the royal family, especially when she entered into a relationship with Dodi Fayed, a billionaire Egyptian. Even Princess Diana feared that the royal family was plotting something. Dodi Fayed’s father and family – as well as several other prominent figures – believed that her and Dodi were murdered by the British royal family as a result of their relationship. British courts quickly ruled that the accident was truly an accident and not some coordinated assassination, but that hasn’t diminished the popularity of the conspiracy theories saying that the British royal family ordered a hit on Princess Diana and her lover.



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