10 Fun Facts About South Africa

South Africa has a long and interesting history. It’s most well known for its brutal racial segregation laws and practices during its period of Apartheid. Considering that humans have lived in the region that makes up the country for the past 100,000+, South Africa has a rich history and diverse cultures worth learning about. Don’t know much about it? Well, don’t worry! We’ve gathered 10 fun facts about the country.

  1. South Africa has 3 capital cities: Pretoria (home of the administrative part of the government), Cape Town (home of the legislative part of the government), and Bloemfontein (home of the judicial part of the government)
  2. There are 11 official languages
  3. In caves near Johannesburg, archaeologists unearthed some of the earliest human fossils ever, earning South Africa the nickname “Cradle of Humankind”
  4. South Africa is home to the 2nd largest economy in Africa
  5. Britain established the country in 1910 by combining 4 colonies in the region and establishing the 1913 Land Act, which marked the beginning of territorial segregation
  6. The Apartheid began in 1948 with the National Party gained power & adopted the policy of apartheid
  7. The Apartheid ended in 1991 with the repeal of most racial segregation legislation
  8. A coalition government replaced the majority-white government in 1994
  9. The Apartheid still deeply affects South African society, even after 2 decades since it ended
  10. South Africa’s largest city is Johannesburg
  11. The British goverment removed South Africa from the British Commonwealth since Britain didn’t agree with its policies of apartheid and racial segregation

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