Poltergeist Effect

This is a short story named Poltergeist Effect that I wrote for an assignment in my senior year high school A.P. English class and have updated since then. With the fall season just starting, and October officially beginning, it seemed fitting that I should share a scary story that I attempted to write. Please feel free to leave feedback and/or comments about the story so I can continue to work on this piece.

This New Year’s Eve, my friends and I decided to have a small party to ring in 2014. For the most part, we hung out, played a couple of drinking games, and danced for a while. Once the party was over, we felt too exhausted to do anything else, and decided to drive our separate ways and catch up in the morning.

When I finally got home and walked into the kitchen, I had noticed that I had left a few of the lights on, which I thought was kind of odd since I thought that I had turned them off before leaving for the party. Despite that, I was too tired and too drunk to try to think of why they were on, so I just turned them off and went upstairs to go to bed. Over the course of the next week or so, small objects like my keys, my purse, or my jacket were in different places than I had originally put them or a door being open when I thought I had closed it. I had dismissed most of it because I had thought it was due to just being absent-minded.

However, a week and a half later, weirder yet more serious things started to happen in addition to what was going on before. Doors – both in the same room as I was, and in different rooms – started to open and slam close by themselves, especially if I was home alone. Whenever I left my house, I always came back home to find some piece of furniture moved to a completely new position, flipped upside down, or in another room entirely. After roughly a month and a half of dealing with the moving furniture and objects, crazier things started happening. Small, inanimate objects sitting on the counter and on tabletops or desktops flew out of their places and hitting the opposite wall. Eventually, it got to the point where the objects were flying around the rooms they were in multiple times before flinging themselves against one of the walls and falling to the ground with a loud THUMP!

  Another month passed and everything kept happening just as it had without any sign of stopping or slowing down. A few instances left holes in the walls, windows broken, and doors hanging off of their hinges no matter what I was doing, where I was, or who was over at my house at the time. If I happened to be out at the time, I would come home to find everything messed up, ruined, and completely out of order. Thoroughly freaked out by the incidents going one, I finally cracked and called a psychic to see if they could check for any actual signs of ghosts, poltergeists, or anything of the supernatural sort.

When he finally arrived and started checking out the house, he explained to me that what was going on and how it was happening didn’t have any reasonable explanations – even for him. He added that he didn’t feel any evil presences, ghosts, or poltergeists, but that I should still be careful because he was unsure of what was in my house and whether or not it was dangerous or life-threatening in any way. After he finished and made sure that he checked every room and made sure that he couldn’t feel anything supernatural, I thanked him and he told me that he would stop by again in a couple of weeks to see if anything had changed in any way, shape, or form.

A few nights later, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling panic-stricken as if something horribly wrong was about to happen. I sat up and looked around my bedroom nervously before laying back down in my bed and shaking the feeling off, labelling it as simple paranoia because of everything that’s been happening over the past few months. After a few minutes of complete silence, I heard an electric buzzing sound fill the room and ripple through the air for a few short seconds before feeling two giant jolts of pure electricity hit the area of my chest right above each of my lungs and sending a crippling pain throughout my body before receding. When most of the pain finally receded, I lie on my bed for a few silent seconds, trying to catch my breath and think of a reason why it might’ve happened. Mere seconds later, the exact same sensation happened again – only this time, flashing red and blue lights appeared around the room, circling the walls before dulling and slowly fading away. If the pain and electricity wasn’t enough to raise questions, the flashing lights definitely would, considering the fact that I had lived alone in the woods, at least two minutes away from any main road.

The jolts of electricity returned for a third and final time, hitting my chest and sending even more excruciating pain throughout my body. This time, the hallucinations of the flashing red and blue lights returned again along with visions of paramedics rushing around, ambulances parked nearby, and police officers standing next to their cars, which served as barricades against any and all oncoming traffic. And the hallucination was strong enough that I felt a paved road under my back instead of the soft, warm, and comforting feeling of my bed and bedsheets. It lasted a few seconds longer than the first hallucination did and showed the frantic, semi-real paramedics rushing around me, trying to figure out what was wrong and what they could do to help me. Slowly but surely, both my vision and the hallucination started to fade into darkness as I started to sink into unconsciousness. Right before I did, however, I heard a semi-distant voice saying:

“Time of Death: 3:43 A.M., January 1st, 2014. Cause of Death: Drunk Driving.”



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  1. Oh. My. Word. This short story was thrilling, to say the least. The ending was totally unexpected but the way you wrote it made me feel as if I was experiencing the jolts with the character. Great job!

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