11 Fun Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles. The home of Hollywood, and one of California’s more popular and well-known cities. After all, who wouldn’t want to move there and try their hand at breaking into America’s film industry and become famous? And for those who might not want to follow that path in life, it can still be a must-see destination to visit. Despite the city’s popularity, there are still some interesting tidbits and fun facts that not everyone will know – and here are a few of the more fascinating ones:

    1. The film industry moved to L.A. from the East Coast to move away from Thomas Edison, who lived in New Jersey and held most of the country’s film patents; filmmakers wanted to avoid Edison’s intellectual property claims
    2. Hollywood came to life in 1887
    3. Beverly Hills used to be a lima bean ranch
    4. Santa Monica beach originally meant to protect a sewage pipe that pumped treated sewage into the Pacific Ocean
    5. The original Hollywood sign read “Hollywoodland,” and was an advertisement for a real estate development
    6. A city law prohibits people from licking toads
    7. The L.A. coroner’s office has a gift shop
    8. L.A. sits on top of the country’s 3rd largest oil field
    9. The famous Watts Towers took 33 years to complete and were built by an Italian immigrant
    10. One of L.A.’s museums – the Getty Museum – hires goats to maintain parts of its ground
    11. The city banned plastic bags
    12. L.A.’s first movie theater opened 112 years ago

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  1. I looked through several pages of your blog and I love it! I love weird, little-known facts about people/places—it makes life a little more interesting!
    p.s. I have similar info on my blog 😉

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