10 Fun Facts About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Capital of the United States, and one of the more influential capital cities in the world. Yet, for all of the political battles, marches, and scandals that have happened in the city, it still holds its own for being a unique and captivating American city. Regardless of whatever political background and opinions you might hold, I assure you that America’s capital is one worth learning about and visiting – or, at least keeping your eye on if you aren’t able to see the city in person.

Without further ado, here are some fun facts about the city:

    1. Washington, D.C., wasn’t America’s first capital city – there were 8 others, with Philadelphia being the main one, and the rest being more temporary ones during the Revolutionary War and the beginning years of the new nation
    2. The city is named after America’s first president, George Washington
    3. The oldest part of the city – Georgetown – was built in 1751, 40 years before the nation’s capital was even built
    4. The Smithsonian Institute Museums have over 130 million objects in their 19 museums, 17 of which are located in the capital, and 11 of which are located on the National Mall
    5. The Library of Congress is currently the largest library in the world
    6. From 1884 to 1889, the Washington Monument was the tallest structure in the world (only to be bumped to second place in 1889 by the Eiffel Tower)
    7. There are 35 bathrooms in the White House
    8. Abraham Lincoln’s ghosts is rumored to haunt the White House – several notable figures, including Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt, have said that they either saw or heard Lincoln’s ghost in the White House
    9. George Washington never lived in the White House – the first President to ever do so was John Adams and his wife
    10. Woodrow Wilson is the only President to be buried in Washington, D.C.

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