Fall Bucket List

With fall right around the corner, what’s a better way to celebrate it than making a bucket list of things to do during this chilly season? And although not all of these require friends and family to complete, it’s always better to grab a friend or family member and spend some quality time with them while doing some fun fall-themed activities! So, without further ado, here are some interesting ideas to do to pass the time this fall as part of your fall bucket list:

  1. Tailgate before a football game
  2. Go on a hayride
  3. Go on a haunted hayride
  4. Build a bonfire
  5. Tell stories around a fire
  6. Have some end-of-summer/end-of-warm-weather s’mores
  7. Jump into a pile of leaves
  8. Go through a corn maze
  9. Go through a haunted corn maze
  10. Go through a haunted house
  11. Drink some apple cider & pumpkin-spiced flavored drinks (warm apple cider with a stick of cinnamon in it is an amazing fall-flavored drink)
  12. Carve pumpkins
  13. Roast (& eat) some pumpkin seeds
  14. Go apple picking
  15. Visit a pumpkin patch
  16. Bake pies (pumpkin pies & apple pies seem to be the best for fall weather)
  17. Make (& eat) some caramel apples
  18. Go trick-or-treating
  19. Put up some Halloween or fall-themed decorations
  20. Watch a Halloween-themed movie marathon
  21. Go for a hike to see all of the changing leaves
  22. Celebrate football season starting by playing a family-friendly fun game of pick up or two hand touch football
  23. Read some scary stories
  24. Take a guided ghost tour
  25. Go to a fall festival
  26. Watch a football game
  27. Build a scarecrow
  28. Bake some seasonal cookies & other baked goods
  29. Have the first hot chocolate of the season
  30. Go stargazing (don’t forget to bring a sweater & a blanket!)



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  1. I love a making a to-do list! I feel like things just get forgotten about or don’t get done unless they’re written down. A guided ghost tour would be awesome (especially if you go to New Orleans!)

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