10 Fun Facts About Marcus Aurelius

As a Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius remains one of the Roman Empire’s most fascinating rulers. He’s been remembered throughout the centuries following his reign. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of him before, here are some interesting fun facts about the philosopher and emperor:

  1. Emperor Pius Antonius, the emperor after Emperor Hadrian, adopted him
  2. Marcus Aurelius was the consul of the Roman Senate (AKA, the leader of the Roman Senate) twice before becoming emperor
  3. Aurelius had to travel to the East after one of his subordinates, Avidius Cassius, tried to become Emperor after hearing a rumor that Aurelius was deathly ill
  4. While he was meant to be a co-ruler with his adopted brother Lucius Aurelius Verus Augustus, he eventually became the sole Emperor after his brother’s passing
  5. During a military campaign in Germany to expand the borders of the Roman Empire, he made his son Commodus his co-ruler
  6. Soon after that, Marcus Aurelius died
  7. His thoughts on Stoic philosophy and some of his notes on his life have survived in the form of a book called The Meditations
  8. Surprisingly, his work with The Meditations would be Marcus Aurelius’ lasting legacy rather than his military campaigns and rule as an emperor
  9. Although his rule was plagued with disease and war, it’s still known as one of the better reigns of the Roman Empire
  10. Marcus Aurelius, along with his son Commodus and several other higher ranking members of his family and the family of Emperor Hadrian, were buried in Hadrian’s Mausoleum (now known as Castel Sant’Angelo)



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