4 Gelato Shops To Visit in Rome

As one of Italy’s more famous foods, gelato is highly popular both in its homeland and abroad. In Rome, gelato shops are as popular as Starbucks or McDonald’s in America – with gelato shops on every street corner, and every one boasting of great tasting gelato. And while any gelato shop in Rome will blow any American gelato shop out of the water, here are some amazing gelato shops worth visiting during your time in Rome:


La Romana is popular among native Romans, and is said (by said native Romans) to be known as the best gelato shop in Rome (which is most likely true because the gelato here is to die for – plus, how can we not trust native Romans when they say a place is the best gelato shop in Rome?)

La Romana


Cremilla recently opened and has fantastic gelato – plus, it doesn’t have a long line, which is a bonus because you can get some of the best gelato in Rome without wasting too much time (especially if you’re visiting during the summer and it’s hot & humid out!)



Located right next to a bar, G Like Gelato is the perfect gelato shop that you can stop by before (or after) happy hour for a nice, cool way to relax after a long day of work.

G Like Gelato


Cafe Nero doubles as a morning cafe and a gelato shop right across the street from the Bridge of Angels and Castel Sant’Angelo. Although this isn’t a popular tourist attraction, it’s a fantastic cafe to stop at for some espresso and gelato because of how amazing the food is there, and how they don’t up the prices because of a high amount of tourists. And it’s close to Castel Sant’Angelo and a 15-20 minute walk from the Vatican (a great bonus!)

Cafe Nero
Cafe Nero


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  1. Gelato! Another awesome place to go for gelato is GROM which have a shop in most big cities in Italy and in some countries abroad too. It’s made with organic ingredients and is just awesome. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy that someone wrote about this! So helpful and I’m definitely writing these places down for the next time I’m in Italy!

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