15 Fun Facts About Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci remains as one of the most well-known inventors and painters in history. Over the course of his lifetime, Leonardo developed some of the initial drawings and plans for multiple inventions, some of which are still used today and some of which were the springboard for modern inventions. He even painted some of the world’s most famous paintings as well as advance science in the realm of understanding human anatomy and the human body even more intimately than before. And that’s not the only thing that’s interesting about the painter and inventor:

      1. Leonardo da Vinci dissected corpses to better understand the human anatomy and drawing the human body
      2. He never finished many of his works – including the renowned the Mona Lisa
      3. He often wrote in reverse
      4. da Vinci never received a formal education; instead, he was homeschooled
      5. He had 17 siblings and half-siblings
      6. He loved puns – to the point where they were evident in many of his paintings
      7. da Vinci was a vegetarian and animal activist
      8. He was the illegitimate child of a peasant woman and a lawyer/landlord
      9. He created designs for inventions that could enable breathing underwater, a submarine-like diving bell that could attack other ships from underwater, and an invention similar to a life preserver
      10. Through studying river erosion and marine fossils, Leonardo Da Vinci was able to figure out that Earth was much older that what the Bible stated
      11. He was as much an inventor as he was a painter – he sketched a design for the first armored car in 1485, as well as the first parachute, the first helicopter & airplane,  the first version of a motor car
      12. It took Leonardo da Vinci roughly 10 years to paint the lips of the Mona Lisa
      13. da Vinci wore pink because he believed that it made his complexion look “fresh”
      14. Leonardo da Vinci was credited with inventing hydraulic pumps, scissors, and the first rifle
      15. da Vinci was ambidextrous

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