10 Fun Facts about Michelangelo

Have you ever wanted to learn more about who Michelangelo was and what made him such a famous painter? Along with some of the world’s most gorgeous sculptures and paintings ever done, he made lasting impacts on Italian and Western histories alike. Read on to learn more about the famous artist and sculptor!

  1. He finished the statue of David in 1501 – making it over 500 years old!
  2. David from a discarded yet single block of marble stone
  3. He designed military fortifications for the city of Florence
  4. 9 different Catholic Popes hired him to work for them
  5. Roughly 490 letters from Michelangelo survive, some with original signatures still intact
  6. He began his career by forging a sculpture and making it seem like an original
  7. The Swiss Guard uniforms were designed by Michelangelo
  8. In addition to being an artist and sculptor, he was also a poet
  9. Pietra – the statue of Jesus laying on Mary’s lap – was the only work that he actually signed
  10. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci disliked each other

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