Mardi Gras

While Mardi Gras is never celebrated on the same day every year, it’s still a day of celebration that happens during the cold and dreary winter months. “Mardi Gras” is a French phrase that translates into “Fat Tuesday,” and it typically falls on the Tuesday before the Christian holiday of Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a forty day period known as Lent that leads up to the the Christian holiday of Easter. Mardi Gras is a day meant for excessive feasting and celebration since the next forty days are meant to be fasting and giving up unnecessary luxuries since the whole idea of Lent is meant to follow the forty days that the Christian Messiah Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights fasting in a desert to gain a deeper sense of spirituality and understanding of himself and the world as well as the fact that the unnecessary luxuries of life can be given up for a 40 day period since Jesus gave his life for everyone. Because of that, Mardi Gras is seen as the last day that people can excessively indulge in such luxuries since people would be going without them for a little over a five weeks.

Different countries and cultures across the world celebrate Mardi Gras in several ways. Most cultures celebrate the day under the title of “Carnival,” and the celebrations don’t always tend to fall on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – several cultures start Carnival celebrations in mid to late January with┬áthe Tuesday as the culmination of such celebrations, Many include parades with bright colors, jewelry, and flashy outfits while others include parties, fireworks, and lots of happy and upbeat music.

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