Living With Anxiety (Poem)

There’s this tight rope winding its way across your chest

Digging itself tighter and tighter until you can’t breathe anymore –

And still it continues to hold you hostage despite you trying your best.

All the while whispering your deepest doubts and inner fears that make you abhor

The thought of even existing and participating in the terror called life.

Because why should you ever be confident and comfortable with yourself

When it feels like all you do is cause turmoil and strife

And create problems for everyone else

After all, the world would be a better place if you were a quiet mouse without a backbone-

Someone to easily manipulate and prevent from saying opinions and feelings of her own.



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As an recent college graduate who studied media studies and anthropology in college, Briana Maddox enjoys learning about different cultures, traditions, holidays, historical figures, experiences, and opinions. With a vested interest in sharing such learning experiences, Briana created Life & Anthropology in the hopes of helping other people gain a better understanding and working knowledge of such topics.

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